Addison Bennett

If you looked up the term 'cute' in the dictionary, there's a pretty good chance you'd see Addison's picture there. They're the keyboardist for the musical group The Breman Avenue Experience. They're very outgoing and love to help out whenever someone's in trouble. They also have an avid interest in the paranormal.

First Appearance: #53 - The Beach 6 Last Appearance: #153 - The New Start 2
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Angela Schnieder

A professional masseuse with the spa and resort; Tranquility. She had originally planned to study to become a registered nurse... however she got caught up with the her job at Tranquility. The hours were good, the pay was amazing. She ended up dropping out of college and focusing on her job there. She's happy though she does have the occasional moments where she wonders if it was the right decision.


Charmini Owens

An infinite source of sage advice and owner of countless adorable plushies, that's Charmini. She's also the drummer for The Breman Avenue Experience. Drumming has always been a great way to unwind for her. She also loves to stay at home and bury herself in books and writing.

First Appearance: #53 - The Beach 6 Last Appearance: #157 - The New Start 6
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Cheryl Ames

Cheryl is a very sensible and practical person. Despite the rather rocky path her life has taken (ever since dealing with an accused, racist murderer.) she's managed to get things back on track. Aside from working at the Capsaicin Lounge as a cook, she moonlights as a security adviser for Skyline Mall.

Character originally from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #23 - Vegan Violence 5 Last Appearance: #115 - A Change of Pace 9
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Dr. Barbara Withering

Dr. Withering wasn’t always a horrible enemy to the environment. At one point, she worked as a scientist, trying to advance all sorts of green technologies. However, the upward battle against those who didn’t believe in helping or saving the environment got her. Once she learned she could make twice as much developing harmful, polluting tech opposed to greener, safer ones, she slid down a steep hope of greed.

The money and power transformed her into the woman she is now. Thanks to her newly found colleagues and passion for pollution, she spends most (if not all) of her days trying to think of ways to make the Earth more toxic. She recently formed a joint company called Smog Inc with her friend Maximillian Morebocks. Together they take on the polluting and waste needs of other businesses and under their soul banner, dump, burn and destroy things with no consideration for

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #132 - The Eco Warriors 7
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A rather prolific professional wrestler, Ein is who you would call, the best in the business. Having made his start in the independent circuit, he used to wrestle with Iris as part of a tag team for a few years. In that time, they managed to form a strong bond and have remained good friends ever since.

Character originally created by EinDoesArt.

First Appearance: #56 - The Bump 2 Last Appearance: #155 - The New Start 4
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Gloria Miller "The Ballet Wrestler"

As you can probably guess, Gloria wasn’t always a wrestler. She spent much of her young life as a ballet dancer, being one of the most celebrated performers in her time. However that all changed when a talent scout that happened to see one of her performances, begged her to give pro wrestling a try. Gloria agreed to do so with some hesitation but her curiosity peaked.

One thing lead to another and Gloria soon found herself deeply enamoured with the world of pro wrestling. So much so that she semi-retired from ballet dancing and focused a lot of her energy into it. So much so that she became quite skilled and prided herself in teaching up and coming wrestlers how to do things the right way. Her already extensive ballet background had earned her the alias “The Swan” which ended up being her wrestling gimmick when she was on any given active roster.


Heather Lockhart

Heather is the sultry and electrifying bandleader of Mercy's Fist. She's rude, crude and doesn't pay mind to any sort of consequence due to her actions. Unlike her band mates, her personality doesn't differ much off or on the stage. She's been known to do and say rather outlandish things. Like proclaiming her distaste of pro-environment groups to making out with fans onstage. She does what she wants and gets what she wants. If her morality were a compass, the needle would have fallen out ages ago.

First Appearance: #77 - The Ex 2 Last Appearance: #125 - A Test of Friendship 5
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Irene Oda Brown

In her youth, Irene used to be a singer back in her home country. Along with her brothers, she would travel to various taverns, restaurants and special events. She eventually met a suave and handsome singer who completely swept her off her feet and took her overseas to start a new life.

Unfortunately that new life apparently consisted of running off to perform while leaving her to take care of their newly born child. At first Irene wanted to give her husband a chance to get it out of his system. To let him perform for a while before deciding to settle down with her. Alas, settling down never came as even a consideration for the man. Irene refused to raise her child in such unstable, constantly moving conditions so she ultimately decided part ways with her husband and settle down in a single place.

Since then, she used her entire savings and the occasional financial assistance from her now ex-husband to build a humble flower shop and to raise her boy properly with kindness, understanding and above all, stability.

First Appearance: Style Change Last Appearance: #160 - The Reunion 2
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Iris Davenport

Iris comes from a long line of athletes, body builders and gym rats. However her life's desires began to conflict with those of her parents and so they quickly drifted apart. Iris always had a tough time coping with her sheer size and demeanor. When people look at her, they tend to raise an eyebrow or feel intimidated.

Due to this typical reaction from people, Iris had quickly become cold, distant and disconnected in order to protect herself from getting hurt. That is, until she met a moonlighting wrestling referee named John who helped her realize there was still good people out there.

First Appearance: #28 - The Wrestling Connection 5 Last Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 3
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Jane Jackson-Frei

Jane runs a rescue and adoption center. She also engages in a number of protests in causes that she believes in. She tends to be the voice of reason when protesting with friends. Or at least she tries to be. She also makes a mean vegan burrito.

Jane is from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #90 - Courts, Camps & Canoodling 2 Last Appearance: #133 - The Eco Warriors 8
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Jo Calderón

Professional lawyer by day, womanizer and Dungeon Master at night, Jo is a man of many skills. He tends to be the practical decision maker and the voice of reason in the group. When not putting out fires or dealing with the justice system, he spends his time free time painting, playing D&D and occasionally chasing after women.

Although it seems that his group of friends frustrate and baffle him at times, he actually finds them endearing. He also considers them to be a tether to a normal social life since without them, he knows he can easily drown himself in nothing but work.

First Appearance: #4 - Humble Beginnings 4 Last Appearance: #133 - The Eco Warriors 8
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John Brown

If there was a human embodiment of positivity, naivety and goofball-ness, it would be John. This attitude served him well for a while since most of his childhood was spent traveling from city to city, never really settling down for too long.

He was solely raised by his mother who ended up deciding to finally settle down and leave her non-present husband. John typically means well but more often than not, finds himself biting off more than he can chew in life.

First Appearance: #1 - Humble Beginnings 1 Last Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 3
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If there’s one thing that can be said about Kiesha, is that she’s done it all and seen it all. She’s well-versed in life and in people. Luckily enough, this hasn’t discouraged her from her profession and from wanting to help people in general. Kiesha tends to be the go-to paramedic when it comes to the more difficult calls. It probably has to do with being able to restrain or subdue erratic patients and/or suspects at a moments notice, swiftly and with unrelenting force. Her assistance is even asked for by local law enforcement if she happens to be in the vicinity.

While she received plenty of offers to join the local police department, she turned down every single one. She explained that she would rather help people than “Whatever the hell cops do on a daily basis”.

First Appearance: #126 - The Eco Warriors 1 Last Appearance: #158 - The New Start 7
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Lance Walker

Lance’s life has been filled with lots of twists and turns. Being an adolescent during the golden age of arcade games, he was fully enthralled by these new technological feats in entertainment. After all, it seemed like they were taking over the world. So much so that he was able to make a bit of a career out of it. Coaching people on how to play various games, playing tournaments and making the occasional ‘local celebrity’ spokesperson appearance. Of course when the inevitable video game crash of 1983


Leslie Bennett

Heir to the Captain Christopher's Cornball empire, Leslie comes from a family of priviledge, prestige and corporate titans who managed to strike it rich with a franchise that specializes in greasy, sphere-shaped junk food. Leslie themself is a bit of a flamboyant personality. Doing things on a whim with very little concern about the consequences that follow. Although they mean well, their actions sometimes cause grief for those around him.

First Appearance: #145 - Old Wounds 4 Last Appearance: #146 - Old Wounds 5
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Luis Velasquez

Professional musician, songwriter and producer, Luis is a man of many talents. He spent all of his adult life trying to make it big in the music industry. He never really made it as big as he wanted to but ended up building a modest presence in the industry. Unfortunately that drive and obsession never translated well for parenting.

First Appearance: #44 - The Father 1 Last Appearance: #46 - The Father 3
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A lot of words can describe Mallory. Bubbly, perky, excitable. Nothing that is commonly associated with a typical goth, let alone one that owns a goth-themed store but Mallory has always been one to break the mold on expectations. It's one of the big reasons she also runs a party planning business. She always had a knack for business but because of her lifestyle, opportunities were hard to come by. So she ended up making opportunities for herself. She quickly found out she had a knack for business ventures.


Marita Oda

Marita is one of many siblings in the Oda family. However, unlike the others, she was more interested in the medical field as opposed to being an entertainer. She was very successful, working out of various hospitals and private practices. She continued with her career for many, many years until her relationship with her mother eventually exploded with the two arguing and fighting until Marita self-exiled herself out of the country. She ended up creating her own practice nearby one of the only other family members she still trusted.

When it comes down to it, Marita is a very carefree individual. She enjoys letting her hair down and having a good time, something her family would often frown upon. She's essentially single and ready to mingle with no plans on settling down with a single person. Her demeanor changes drastically when she's working her job though. One would hazard a guess that the reason she's so wild and free off duty is because she acts so polite and professional during her job.

First Appearance: #116 - All You Need is Love 1 Last Appearance: #153 - The New Start 2
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Mark Sloan

Mark is the head of security at Skyline Mall. He's been working there for almost as long as anyone can remember. He enjoys murder mysteries, singing, dancing and has some minor experience in musical theater.

First Appearance: #109 - A Change of Pace 3 Last Appearance: #110 - A Change of Pace 4
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Max Hellenberger

Max is a ball of spunk... which is ironically enough, one of her favorite terms. If Addison was outgoing, Max is that but four times as much. She's very straight to the point and is never shy about much of anything. Also hugging for Max can sometimes involve all limbs. She's originally from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #61 - The Incident 2 Last Appearance: #133 - The Eco Warriors 8
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Maximilian Morebucks

As for as he’s concerned, Max was born rich and will die rich. There’s only one thing that makes him happier than an obscene amount of cold hard cash. It’s doing irreparable damage to Earth. While most rich business execs merely do things as a result of not caring about the environment, Maximilian goes out of his way to loot and pollute in every possible way he can.

He recently joined forces with Dr. Barbara Withering to form the conglomerate; Smog Incorporated. Using the company to essentially do a lot of big businesses’ dirty work in regards to pollution. If you’ve got toxic waste that needs dumping, just let Smog Inc handle it! Anywhere’s a good dumping spot as long as you have enough money.

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #133 - The Eco Warriors 8
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Ophelia Bennett

Dignitaries, ambassadors and diplomats. These are the sorts of people Ophelia has been rubbing elbows with ever since she was a child. Given that her parents come from a rather aristocratic background. She's prim, she's proper and she's pricese... that is unless she's spending time with her spouse Leslie. There's something about being with them that really sparks a feeling of freedom and wild abandon. To this day, her parents beg her to come back to London and join her family again. However Ophelia has no plans of leaving Leslie.

First Appearance: #145 - Old Wounds 4 Last Appearance: #146 - Old Wounds 5
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Riley Walker

Riley lives and breathes video games. So it was no surprise to his father that very early on, he declared that he would pursue a career in professional gaming. Lance being a supportive father, encouraged his son to follow his dream. His only request was to make sure that he had a plan B. Thankfully for Riley, said plan B wasn’t necessary in the end and he was able to make a modest living doing various events, tournaments, and livestreams.

First Appearance: #103 - Hobby Hunting 3 Last Appearance: #143 - Old Wounds 2
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Roxanne Smith

A regular in the protesting scene, Roxanne is an avid advocate for women's rights, animal rights, the environment and dismantling capitalism. The latter is a constant weight of irony for her since she typically toils in a department store.

She's kind of aloof when it comes to what she wants to do with her life in the long term. She's always been a "Here and now" kind of person. She only just recently began planning for the future after coming to terms with some things in her life. Her goal is to become a scientist like Abby Sciuto from NCIS.

First Appearance: #4 - Humble Beginnings 4 Last Appearance: #110 - A Change of Pace 4
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Saldura Holbock

Sal is an extremely intuitive and dedicated reporter. They have spent a lot of time and finances in making sure they have some of the best equipment a freelance reporter can have. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to gain any traction in the field of professional journalism, despite having written some highly praised articles in the local paper. Their main source of income is an online cat blog where they write nothing but puff pieces about cats and cat-related material. They hate their job with a passion.

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #140 - The Final Frontier 7
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Sebastian Okada

Bartender and flirt extraordinaire. Sebastian has always prided himself in being a people-person, which tends to come in handy behind a bar. Originally Sebastian had intended to become a chemist but his ambitions changed when he went to a bar one day and developed a romantic relationship with the bartender there.

Although the relationship didn't last, his passion for mixing drinks stayed and he decided to switch careers and focus on becoming a fully licensed bartender. He often says there's very little difference between chemistry and mixology.

First Appearance: #39 - The Wedding 4 Last Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 3
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Shin Jun

Former lead guitarist in the band Mercy's Fist, Shin was an unapologetic, brash sex symbol. Heavily influenced by Heather, he cared very little for the consequences of his actions and was responsible for a lot of broken hearts. After realizing that he didn't like what he had become, he severed ties with the band and moved back into his former home town.

Along with Heather and Zoey, he was best friends with John and they would hang out and jam together all the time. Shin prefers more of a mellow and acoustic sound opposed to his time with Mercy's Fist. He also enjoys sailing and fishing. So much in fact that he actually lives on a yacht with the money he's saved.

First Appearance: #77 - The Ex 2 Last Appearance: #140 - The Final Frontier 7
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Tommy Pantusso

Tommy is the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Breman Avenue Experience. He's a very mellow guy with a relaxed view on most everything. When not doing band-related activities, he loves enjoy more recreational types of activities. The kind that tends to happen with lots of smoke and relaxed half opened eyes.


Weed. Tommy likes doing weed a lot.

First Appearance: #53 - The Beach 6 Last Appearance: #82 - The Ex 7
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Yosha is the mysterious cool guy of the group, not much is known about him. What little we know about him includes: He's a part of a band, he moonlights as a lifeguard and he has a SWEET Jewfro.

He's a man of very little words with a surprising amount of knowledge as well as connections in various places. There's a rumor going around that he's some sort of government informant or secret agent. These rumors have yet to be confirmed.

First Appearance: #4 - Humble Beginnings 4 Last Appearance: #99 - The Tracker 3
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Zoey Tucker

When she performed as a bassist for Mercy's Fist, her personality was wild, in-your-face and unapologetic. In reality, Zoey is much more reserved. She enjoys classic rock and would much rather have a quiet evening plucking away at her guitar. She also has a bit of a nerdy side, one she typically indulges in with very close friends.

First Appearance: #77 - The Ex 2 Last Appearance: #152 - The New Start 1
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