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#174 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 6

Well you look at that, a flashback! This is a great example of John going out of his way to help someone out. It's always been his motto to help out whenever he can. Mahaa is just but one mall tenant that John has a unique relationship with. I wonder if we'll get to meet them all in future installments? Or maybe even perhaps in a visual novel type game, where in which you get to explore more of the RTS universe?
2022-05-16 00:31:56 
Oh, hey, there's a Colton! I kinda like they can see inside John's mind for this story.
2022-05-26 10:34:36 
That's a good explanation. I thought he might've had a picture of the group on his phone or something.
2022-05-16 11:07:11 
Goodness John is such a sweetie! Always love how big of a heart this lad is. I did guffaw at the little dig in the beginning.
2022-05-16 23:53:30 
One good turn deserves another :D