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#150 - The Spa Getaway 3

I always felt as though Irene deserved another shot at love. Meeting a cute masseuse and having a surprise moment of passion with them felt right, seeing as how slowly but surely she's been trying to make changes to her life to make herself happy.
2021-06-14 00:56:35 
Well, that escalated quickly!
Eff McDonald
2021-06-14 10:39:48 
That sound? That's me applauding. Go Irene, go!
2021-06-14 10:55:09 
Magic hands from one, magic heart from the other. This page just made me smile the whole way through!
Opus the Poet
2021-06-15 00:29:04 
I was worried this would go way wrong when I saw that clinch in the third panel.
2021-06-15 20:16:26 
Same here!
2021-06-15 20:15:50 
Awww that was so cute! Wow yeah this coulda gone many kinds of ways and I had quite a bit of tension there. Angela is so adorable and really seems compatible with the always lovely Irene.