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#169 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 1

Mallory is an ever excited entrepreneur. She's always looking for ways to expand her business and also in a way, make people happy. She is quite the perky goth. I also wanted to show that she is a pretty chill and cool boss!
Opus the Poet
2022-03-06 19:26:39 
As someone with lots of romcom experience "How hard can it be?" is the kiss of death.
2022-03-06 20:25:46 
[insert innocent whistling here]
2022-03-06 21:01:32 
As soon as the phrase 'how hard can it be?' comes out of a supervisor's mouth, my response is 'then YOU do it while I watch things here...'
2022-03-07 02:56:00 
Narrator: "They did not know how complicated it would become."
2022-03-07 04:34:26 
*takes note of story arc name*
2022-03-07 20:43:34 
OMG Mallory is so friggin' cute. I am also loving what a sweetie John is getting such gifts for his loved ones.
2022-03-10 03:04:05 
Ok, a sex shop where the really cute goth clerk offers to model the clothes for you? Now that's what I call great service, I must say!
2022-03-10 06:46:19 
Mallory is all about giving great service!
2022-03-13 00:30:06 
How hard indeed...I smell shenanigans!
2022-03-19 16:52:51 
The suburbs get *stupid* complicated. At least in the inner city there's a grid system to addresses so you know more or less where you're going just by the number.