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#168 - Intimate Investigations 4

It's always good to be done with your work before indulging one's self. It's also a good thing Kiesha likes John's cuddling because he's essentially been latched on for a while too! This concludes the Intimate Investigations arc!
2022-02-21 01:10:17 
This is so deep! I love how this is described, and also Kiesha is so very beautiful! What a great job on this arc.
2022-02-21 09:43:55 
What do you mean this concludes the arc? I wanna know how that weekend goes pleeeeeaaaase!
2022-02-21 19:24:34 
We're moving on to a different arc after this. Besides, what happens there would be difficult to keep it tasteful! I'd recommend keeping an eye on our furaffinity account! We update all of our unreleased and sexy pictures/comics there!