If there’s one thing that can be said about Kiesha, is that she’s done it all and seen it all. She’s well-versed in life and in people. Luckily enough, this hasn’t discouraged her from her profession and from wanting to help people in general. Kiesha tends to be the go-to paramedic when it comes to the more difficult calls. It probably has to do with being able to restrain or subdue erratic patients and/or suspects at a moments notice, swiftly and with unrelenting force. Her assistance is even asked for by local law enforcement if she happens to be in the vicinity.

While she received plenty of offers to join the local police department, she turned down every single one. She explained that she would rather help people than “Whatever the hell cops do on a daily basis”.

First Appearance: #126 - The Eco Warriors 1 Last Appearance: #227 - The Dresden Files 4
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