Wrestling enthusiast, professional referee and amature vampire. These are just some of the words that describe Zephyr. He’s a rambunctious type that loves to talk to people. During the day, he talks all about his favorite events in wrestling history and some of his favorite moments refereeing some matches. But at night? ….Well he’s still the same but he tends to dabble in the vampire lifestyle! Okay, let’s be real here. He calls it a ‘vampire lifetsyle’ but in reality he simply dresses in overtly fancy goth clothes and has outfitted his apartment to be the most gothic of dens, much to his landord’s dismay.

He’s a good guy though he can get a little one track minded when it comes to certain things. Sometimes friends like Kel and John have to bop him on the head to get him back on track. He’s come to appreciate such gestures because even he acknowledges his lack of focus.

First Appearance: #159 - The Reunion 1 Last Appearance: #188 - Wrestling The Competition 5
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Zoey Tucker

When she performed as a bassist for Mercy's Fist, her personality was wild, in-your-face and unapologetic. In reality, Zoey is much more reserved. She enjoys classic rock and would much rather have a quiet evening plucking away at her guitar. She also has a bit of a nerdy side, one she typically indulges in with very close friends.

First Appearance: #77 - The Ex 2 Last Appearance: #223 - Erotic Expectations 8
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