Addison Bennett

If you looked up the term 'cute' in the dictionary, there's a pretty good chance you'd see Addison's picture there. They're the keyboardist for the musical group The Breman Avenue Experience. They're very outgoing and love to help out whenever someone's in trouble. They also have an avid interest in the paranormal.

First Appearance: #53 - The Beach 6 Last Appearance: #222 - Erotic Expectations 7
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Angela Schnieder

A professional masseuse with the spa and resort; Tranquility. She had originally planned to study to become a registered nurse... however she got caught up with the her job at Tranquility. The hours were good, the pay was amazing. She ended up dropping out of college and focusing on her job there. She's happy though she does have the occasional moments where she wonders if it was the right decision.

First Appearance: #150 - The Spa Getaway 3
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