A rather prolific professional wrestler, Ein is who you would call, the best in the business. Having made his start in the independent circuit, he used to wrestle with Iris as part of a tag team for a few years. In that time, they managed to form a strong bond and have remained good friends ever since.

Character originally created by EinDoesArt.

First Appearance: #56 - The Bump 2 Last Appearance: #222 - Erotic Expectations 7
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Ellen Halligan

When there is dice to be tossed, she'll be there. When someone needs help min-maxing a character, she'll be there. When there's a computer that needs repairs because someone spilled there overly saturated sugar soda on their computer tower; she'll be there begrudgingly since she'd rather not spend all day at work if she doesn't need to.

She recently discovered a new hobby of being a Gamemaster for the LARP over at the renaissance faire. Getting to sass people and throw nerf-related projectiles at them? Sign her the hell up!

She was originally from a concluded webcomic called Leftover Soup by Tailsteak!

First Appearance: #67 - The Incident 8 Last Appearance: #226 - The Dresden Files 3
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