Dr. Barbara Withering

Dr. Withering wasn’t always a horrible enemy to the environment. At one point, she worked as a scientist, trying to advance all sorts of green technologies. However, the upward battle against those who didn’t believe in helping or saving the environment got her. Once she learned she could make twice as much developing harmful, polluting tech opposed to greener, safer ones, she slid down a steep hope of greed.

The money and power transformed her into the woman she is now. Thanks to her newly found colleagues and passion for pollution, she spends most (if not all) of her days trying to think of ways to make the Earth more toxic. She recently formed a joint company called Smog Inc with her friend Maximillian Morebocks. Together they take on the polluting and waste needs of other businesses and under their soul banner, dump, burn and destroy things with no consideration for

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #198 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 8
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