Lamonte Saddler

Lamonte is one of those people that can’t seem to make up his mind on things. He wants to get a better loft in life in education but he doesn’t wanna get slapped with years of debt. So the young man found himself volunteering at a local train station and working part time out of Oth Koth B'Goth. He’s a pretty chill fellow who can be a bit terse at times but he means well.

First Appearance: #169 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 1 Last Appearance: #177 - Spiritual Searching 3
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Lance Walker

Lance’s life has been filled with lots of twists and turns. Being an adolescent during the golden age of arcade games, he was fully enthralled by these new technological feats in entertainment. After all, it seemed like they were taking over the world. So much so that he was able to make a bit of a career out of it. Coaching people on how to play various games, playing tournaments and making the occasional ‘local celebrity’ spokesperson appearance. Of course when the inevitable video game crash of 1983

First Appearance: #105 - Hobby Hunting 5
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Leslie Bennett

Heir to the Captain Christopher's Cornball empire, Leslie comes from a family of priviledge, prestige and corporate titans who managed to strike it rich with a franchise that specializes in greasy, sphere-shaped junk food. Leslie themself is a bit of a flamboyant personality. Doing things on a whim with very little concern about the consequences that follow. Although they mean well, their actions sometimes cause grief for those around him.

First Appearance: #145 - Old Wounds 4 Last Appearance: #146 - Old Wounds 5
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Luis Velasquez

Professional musician, songwriter and producer, Luis is a man of many talents. He spent all of his adult life trying to make it big in the music industry. He never really made it as big as he wanted to but ended up building a modest presence in the industry. Unfortunately that drive and obsession never translated well for parenting.

First Appearance: #44 - The Father 1 Last Appearance: #46 - The Father 3
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