Mahaa el-Javid

Mahaa runs an eatery called The Soup Kitchen located in the food court of Skyline Mall. She is quite proud of her business and takes pride in her success and the quality of her various soups. She is known to be very strict in regards to how she runs her kitchen and tends to be quite abrasive if people don't listen to her or follow her rules. She's a good person, though she has proven to be a bit complicated to get to know and understand.

John is one of the few people that Mahaa tends to be friendly towards on a regular basis. She is quite fond of him and tends to try to spoil him with soup whenever he visits her.

First Appearance: #173 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 5
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One of the many security guards over at Skyline Mall. She's very wide-eyed and ambitious. She hopes to one day be able to work in cyber security. In the meantime she seems to be quite content helping out with providing physical unnamed security for the local mall. She's very mellow and tends to get through life one day at a time.

First Appearance: #173 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 5
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A lot of words can describe Mallory. Bubbly, perky, excitable. Nothing that is commonly associated with a typical goth, let alone one that owns a goth-themed store but Mallory has always been one to break the mold on expectations. It's one of the big reasons she also runs a party planning business. She always had a knack for business but because of her lifestyle, opportunities were hard to come by. So she ended up making opportunities for herself. She quickly found out she had a knack for business ventures.

First Appearance: #160 - The Reunion 2 Last Appearance: #223 - Erotic Expectations 8
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Marita Oda

Marita is one of many siblings in the Oda family. However, unlike the others, she was more interested in the medical field as opposed to being an entertainer. She was very successful, working out of various hospitals and private practices. She continued with her career for many, many years until her relationship with her mother eventually exploded with the two arguing and fighting until Marita self-exiled herself out of the country. She ended up creating her own practice nearby one of the only other family members she still trusted.

When it comes down to it, Marita is a very carefree individual. She enjoys letting her hair down and having a good time, something her family would often frown upon. She's essentially single and ready to mingle with no plans on settling down with a single person. Her demeanor changes drastically when she's working her job though. One would hazard a guess that the reason she's so wild and free off duty is because she acts so polite and professional during her job.

First Appearance: #116 - All You Need is Love 1 Last Appearance: #153 - The New Start 2
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Mark Sloan

Mark is the head of security at Skyline Mall. He's been working there for almost as long as anyone can remember. He enjoys murder mysteries, singing, dancing and has some minor experience in musical theater.

First Appearance: #109 - A Change of Pace 3 Last Appearance: #110 - A Change of Pace 4
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Max Hellenberger

Max is a ball of spunk... which is ironically enough, one of her favorite terms. If Addison was outgoing, Max is that but four times as much. She's very straight to the point and is never shy about much of anything. Also hugging for Max can sometimes involve all limbs.

She's originally from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #61 - The Incident 2 Last Appearance: #189 - Wrestling The Competition 6
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Maximilian Morebucks

As for as he’s concerned, Max was born rich and will die rich. There’s only one thing that makes him happier than an obscene amount of cold hard cash. It’s doing irreparable damage to Earth. While most rich business execs merely do things as a result of not caring about the environment, Maximilian goes out of his way to loot and pollute in every possible way he can.

He recently joined forces with Dr. Barbara Withering to form the conglomerate; Smog Incorporated. Using the company to essentially do a lot of big businesses’ dirty work in regards to pollution. If you’ve got toxic waste that needs dumping, just let Smog Inc handle it! Anywhere’s a good dumping spot as long as you have enough money.

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #133 - The Eco Warriors 8
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Teacher, inventor extraordinaire and part time announcer for Get Wreckt Wrestling; Merle is someone who wears many hats and who thoroughly enjoys new experiences. They may or may not have a laboratory they work out of, developing all sorts of tech on a personal and professional basis. It may be just a rumor. Or if it's true, access is very restricted.

First Appearance: #188 - Wrestling The Competition 5 Last Appearance: #220 - Erotic Expectations 5
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Monique Alabaste

A lot of things have happened to Monique since her days at The Filthy Hippy. After a fire temporarily shut down the drinking establishment, Monique decided it was time to focus on some self-care. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be many locations to do that in her neck of the woods. It was at that point that she took it upon herself to make it happen.

Monique is a very welcoming and soft-spoken person who has a knack for tending botanicals and reading auras. Though she means well, there are times when she can be a tad bit air-headed. Thankfully friends like JayJay help her stay focused... most of the time anyway.

First Appearance: #175 - Spiritual Searching 1 Last Appearance: #177 - Spiritual Searching 3
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