Jamie Halligan

A man whose cooking skills are a sight to behold, while at the same time can be as dense as lead. Jamie has been proven to be a bit of an enigma for some. When not trying to clear his name from any wrong-doing, Jamie can often be found making board games or cooking something incredibly delicious at home. Every once in a while, he takes the time to teach John how to cook. It is an ongoing process.

He was originally from a concluded webcomic called Leftover Soup by Tailsteak.

First Appearance: #67 - The Incident 8 Last Appearance: #226 - The Dresden Files 3
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Jane Jackson-Frei

Jane runs a rescue and adoption center. She also engages in a number of protests in causes that she believes in. She tends to be the voice of reason when protesting with friends. Or at least she tries to be. She also makes a mean vegan burrito.

Jane is from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #90 - Courts, Camps & Canoodling 2 Last Appearance: #198 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 8
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Jo Calderón

Professional lawyer by day, womanizer and Dungeon Master at night, Jo is a man of many skills. He tends to be the practical decision maker and the voice of reason in the group. When not putting out fires or dealing with the justice system, he spends his time free time painting, playing D&D and occasionally chasing after women.

Although it seems that his group of friends frustrate and baffle him at times, he actually finds them endearing. He also considers them to be a tether to a normal social life since without them, he knows he can easily drown himself in nothing but work.

First Appearance: #4 - Humble Beginnings 4 Last Appearance: #174 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 6
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John Brown

If there was a human embodiment of positivity, naivety and goofball-ness, it would be John. This attitude served him well for a while since most of his childhood was spent traveling from city to city, never really settling down for too long.

He was solely raised by his mother who ended up deciding to finally settle down and leave her non-present husband. John typically means well but more often than not, finds himself biting off more than he can chew in life.

First Appearance: #1 - Humble Beginnings 1 Last Appearance: #226 - The Dresden Files 3
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