Sabra Cohen

Local historian who works for The Daily Dispatch. Her stories tend to focus mostly on historical sites, buildings and (every so often) a paleontology discovery. She's a major history buff who incidentally, acquired ownership a local renaissance fair.

She loves to have fun but is also not afraid to put a serious face on should the need arise. This tends to happen when Sunny and Addison are around.

First Appearance: #192 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 2 Last Appearance: #214 - The Career Contemplation 13
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Saldura Holbock

Sal is an extremely intuitive and dedicated reporter. They have spent a lot of time and finances in making sure they have some of the best equipment a freelance reporter can have. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to gain any traction in the field of professional journalism, despite having written some highly praised articles in the local paper. Their main source of income is an online cat blog where they write nothing but puff pieces about cats and cat-related material. They hate their job with a passion.

First Appearance: #130 - The Eco Warriors 5 Last Appearance: #196 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 6
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Sebastian Okada

Bartender and flirt extraordinaire. Sebastian has always prided himself in being a people-person, which tends to come in handy behind a bar. Originally Sebastian had intended to become a chemist but his ambitions changed when he went to a bar one day and developed a romantic relationship with the bartender there.

Although the relationship didn't last, his passion for mixing drinks stayed and he decided to switch careers and focus on becoming a fully licensed bartender. He often says there's very little difference between chemistry and mixology.

First Appearance: #39 - The Wedding 4 Last Appearance: #202 - The Career Contemplation 1
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Shin Jun

Former lead guitarist in the band Mercy's Fist, Shin was an unapologetic, brash sex symbol. Heavily influenced by Heather, he cared very little for the consequences of his actions and was responsible for a lot of broken hearts. After realizing that he didn't like what he had become, he severed ties with the band and moved back into his former home town.

Along with Heather and Zoey, he was best friends with John and they would hang out and jam together all the time. Shin prefers more of a mellow and acoustic sound opposed to his time with Mercy's Fist. He also enjoys sailing and fishing. So much in fact that he actually lives on a yacht with the money he's saved.

First Appearance: #77 - The Ex 2 Last Appearance: #140 - The Final Frontier 7
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Sunny Khaaz

Adult film star extraordinaire; Sunny has her fingers in a considerable number of pies and in both literal and metaphorical senses. She is the co-owner of Titular Films, whose main purpose is to give porn a good (and sometimes complex) story.

She's very 'in your face' and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what's on her mind. She has had to endure a fair amount of terrible experiences in her career in the porn industry but her persistence and resilience helped her get through it all. Her dream is to produce the most celebrated and expensive pornographic movie ever made. Though, she's relegated this to being a pipe dream.

First Appearance: #204 - The Career Contemplation 3 Last Appearance: #222 - Erotic Expectations 7
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Susan Davenport

For most of her life, Susan spent her life picking herself up by the bootstraps. She wasn’t one to adhere to social norms and made it a point to get jobs that reflected this. She worked as a bellhop, a truck driver and a carpenter. She found her true calling when she began to work at a construction company, working her way up to the position of site manager. Which was rather helpful because raising four kids is no easy task! Luckily Harold was a big help in that aspect.

Susan has since been pretty happy with where her life led and is happy to spend her later days with her husband just enjoying the fruits of their labor. Though she’d wish Harold would settle down in trying to get their kids to go in a particular direction. She always believed that they should be happy with their kids wherever they go.

First Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 4 Last Appearance: #163 - The Reunion 5
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