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#163 - The Reunion 5

Not quite a perfect happy ending but a lot of the time it's as good as it can get and you know what? That's okay. There's no telling if Iris' dad will ever really come around to that but at least she has the love and support of her boyfriends AND her mother. Not to mention all her other friends as well. Never hurts to ask for help.
2021-12-12 08:39:54 
Well, when life presents a locked door, sometimes a window breaks. I mean, Iris, John, and Sebastian will always have a great support system, but it is certainly nice that at least someone in the Davenport line is mildly accepting.
2021-12-13 13:00:49 
That's seriously deep and I agree!
2021-12-13 13:00:32 
That's so sweet! There is still a chance to work things out. And it's also adorable how much Iris outstrips her mom in size!
2021-12-27 09:09:47 
Love is a powerful thing, in all its forms ❤️