Carol Leah Ames

Dedicated teacher, passionate lover and one of John's many, many weaknesses. She's a smart and absolutely gorgeous woman who shares a polyamerous relationship with Trent, Max, Wallace and Sebastian. She recently has reconnected with her sister Carol, meeting up with her every so often.

Her relationship with John is pretty complicated. He can't help but faint when she's around because he essentially considers her a goddess of beauty. He can't help but swoon to the extent of fainting each time she's physical close. She hopes to one day help him past that.

First Appearance: #179 - The Birthday Boy 1 Last Appearance: #181 - The Birthday Boy 3
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Charmini Owens

An infinite source of sage advice and owner of countless adorable plushies, that's Charmini. She's also the drummer for The Breman Avenue Experience. Drumming has always been a great way to unwind for her. She also loves to stay at home and bury herself in books and writing.

First Appearance: #53 - The Beach 6 Last Appearance: #157 - The New Start 6
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Cheryl Ames

Cheryl is a very sensible and practical person. Despite the rather rocky path her life has taken (ever since dealing with an accused, racist murderer.) she's managed to get things back on track. Aside from working at the Capsaicin Lounge as a cook, she moonlights as a security adviser for Skyline Mall.

Cheryl is originally from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup.

First Appearance: #23 - Vegan Violence 5 Last Appearance: #183 - The Birthday Boy 5
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Clifford Jackson "Action Jackson"

A veteran of the professional wrestling circuit, Jackson has wrestled with countless opponents and has even been crowned champion on a handful of occasions. However, despite his success, he bowed out of the circuit at an early age to focus on raising his daughter JayJay, not wanting to be an absentee father. In his later years, she was on her way of becoming an independent woman, Action decided to pick up wrestling again, wanting to revisit his glory days.

Though unfortunately, he found that being of a certain age, it was rather difficult finding a place that would take a chance on him. This of course would change when he would get hired at Ready 2 Rumble Wrestling. Despite his better judgement, he felt like he couldn't turn down such a lucrative offer.

However, after the intervention of his daughter and a hard hitting article from The Daily Dispatch, he was convinced to join the much less lucrative but much more moral Get Wreckt Wrestling.

First Appearance: #188 - Wrestling The Competition 5 Last Appearance: #198 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 8
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