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#157 - The New Start 6

Sleep, is very important. Simply put, your body can't operate properly with a decent amount of rest at some point during the day. When I used to DJ, I used to skimp out on sleep frequently and let me tell you, it did NOT pay off. Would not recommend. Even someone as strong as Kiesha needs her rest!
2021-09-19 18:47:21 
Well ya know, you gotta make a good choice! I think I know what can be a better choice - follow your passion Kiesha!
2021-09-24 20:04:09 
Which passion, though. I don't think most people become EMTs if they don't feel a calling to it.
2021-09-26 12:33:42 
Sleep is important...and snatching a nap here or there is no substitute for a full hard sleep in a bed!
2021-10-04 15:34:05 
Couldn't have said it better myself!
2021-09-30 13:38:10 
Especially need that sleep when you're doing a lot of physical activity! Wrestling training and EMT work? Kiesh is using a lot of those muscles and burning a lot of kcals. Not to mention needing time to process the lactic acid that's probably flooded her system.