Gloria Miller "The Swan"

As you can probably guess, Gloria wasn’t always a wrestler. She spent much of her young life as a ballet dancer, being one of the most celebrated performers in her time. However that all changed when a talent scout that happened to see one of her performances, begged her to give pro wrestling a try. Gloria agreed to do so with some hesitation but her curiosity peaked.

One thing lead to another and Gloria soon found herself deeply enamoured with the world of pro wrestling. So much so that she semi-retired from ballet dancing and focused a lot of her energy into it. So much so that she became quite skilled and prided herself in teaching up and coming wrestlers how to do things the right way. Her already extensive ballet background had earned her the alias “The Swan” which ended up being her wrestling gimmick when she was on any given active roster.

First Appearance: #155 - The New Start 4 Last Appearance: #227 - The Dresden Files 4
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