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#170 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 2

The logistics in having things delivered can be quite complicated, especially when it falls to someone who really doesn't do it on a regular basis, don't be too hard on Lamonte! Speaking of which, doesn't he look familiar? For those of you who follow Tailsteak's old comic Leftover Soup, he appears ever so briefly in #646. I really liked his design and wanted to give him more of a chance to shine outside of helping obtain drugs XD
Opus the Poet
2022-03-20 16:49:26 
Homage to 9 Chickweed Lane? Also should have had a label on the package.
2022-03-20 17:00:58 
More like a begrudging acknowledgement of its existence. Note how quickly Lamonte wants to get out of there! Also yes. Labels would have literally prevented this situation from happening XD
2022-03-20 18:26:55 
"Oh no, no, you want the other John." That got a healthy *snrk*.
2022-03-20 20:54:17 
2022-03-20 20:58:48 
.....and "How complicated can it be?" claims yet another victim.
Not John
2022-03-21 02:52:32 
This would be a bigger deal if John’s mom weren’t so accepting. At worst, this is a mildly awkward conversation.
2022-03-22 03:48:09 
Things do get quite surreal around Nine Chickweed Lane...
2022-03-24 16:30:33 
Well, if this arrived here, that means Irene might be getting something... nice.
2022-03-31 17:45:01 
Ooooh yes! And Irene deserves nice things!
2022-03-31 17:44:46 
The other John, ooops LOL!