Susan Davenport

For most of her life, Susan spent her life picking herself up by the bootstraps. She wasn’t one to adhere to social norms and made it a point to get jobs that reflected this. She worked as a bellhop, a truck driver and a carpenter. She found her true calling when she began to work at a construction company, working her way up to the position of site manager. Which was rather helpful because raising four kids is no easy task! Luckily Harold was a big help in that aspect.

Susan has since been pretty happy with where her life led and is happy to spend her later days with her husband just enjoying the fruits of their labor. Though she’d wish Harold would settle down in trying to get their kids to go in a particular direction. She always believed that they should be happy with their kids wherever they go.

First Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 4 Last Appearance: #163 - The Reunion 5
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