Harold Davenport

Former professional bodybuilder Harold Davenport was one of the best around. Always getting top scores whenever he would go to an event. However he always desired a more domestic lifestyle. Getting married, having kids and living in a roomy house with a white picket fence has always been a big desire for him. So much so that he pretty much spent his entire adult life pursuing this dream. A dream that kind of became a handful when he ended up having four kids. The dream got further complicated when his kids didn’t really see eye to eye with him on chosen career paths.

One wanted to move to India and study abroad, another wanted to practice alternative medicine. Another wanted to pursue a career as a Hollywood stuntwoman. All but one decided to follow in his footsteps. He would never say it out loud, but Iris was always his favorite for that very reason.

First Appearance: #162 - The Reunion 4
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