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Famous Detectives by cherubun

I'm a big fan of the murder mystery genre. Ever since I was a kid, I watched a plethora of shows that deal with it in a way that for some reason, given the grim subject, it was done in a charming and engaging way. Eventually I asked artist cherubun to make a group picture of some of my favorite sleuths! From left to right it's Monk from Monk, Mark Sloan from Diagnosis Murder, Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote, Conan Edogawa from the anime Detective Conan (AKA Case Closed), Ben Matlock from Matlock, Lieutenant Columbo from Columbo, Inspector Zenigata from Lupin The Third and Hercule Poirot from the various stories written by Agatha Christie
2020-10-06 22:07:00 
So, you have no desire to mention the name of a certain anime-sleuth, who somehow morphs from his late teens into a juvenile? #If_You_Name_Him_Then_I_Will_Too
2020-10-07 05:10:11 
Ooops... I'm not joking... I forgot about him cuz he's so short in the picture.. XD