Irene Oda Brown

In her youth, Irene used to be a singer back in her home country. Along with her brothers, she would travel to various taverns, restaurants and special events. She eventually met a suave and handsome singer who completely swept her off her feet and took her overseas to start a new life.

Unfortunately that new life apparently consisted of running off to perform while leaving her to take care of their newly born child. At first Irene wanted to give her husband a chance to get it out of his system. To let him perform for a while before deciding to settle down with her. Alas, settling down never came as even a consideration for the man. Irene refused to raise her child in such unstable, constantly moving conditions so she ultimately decided part ways with her husband and settle down in a single place.

Since then, she used her entire savings and the occasional financial assistance from her now ex-husband to build a humble flower shop and to raise her boy properly with kindness, understanding and above all, stability.

First Appearance: Style Change Last Appearance: #172 - The Gift Giving Gaffe 4
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