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#126 - The Eco Warriors 1

I recently discovered that there are places called "EMS Stations". These places essentially work just like Fire Stations except it's solely focused on emergency medical services. I thought it would be nice to feature something like that and also to finally show Charmini's day job! Also the red-haired, freckled goddess is Kiesha who belongs to @KieshaGrenscale on Twitter!
2020-07-12 23:00:22 
Awww yeah I am excited about this update. And Charmini is really cool. Oh goodness, Kiesha is so cool, and I love this job.
2020-07-13 02:01:37 
It's a very respectable job, not enough credit goes to those who choose this profession in my humble opinion. Glad you like Charmini and Kiesha! X3
2020-07-13 02:34:00 
I love this! the characters are awesome! especially that one guy sitting in the seat ehehe!
2020-07-24 23:29:24 
Smog Inc.? Really? Ok, if two higher ups aren't depicted as Hoggish Greedly and Lootn Plunder I will be disappointed. You're committed now. Oh, and remember, only Kwami is still a planeteer. Everyone else went and got real jobs.
2020-07-25 00:36:27 
Oh no, what have I done!? XD
2020-07-26 12:31:58 
Opened the door to OK K.O. references. I don't have many since I didn't watch it regularly but Kwami lamenting everyone else on the team getting real jobs was a great joke.