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#125 - A Test of Friendship 5

As previously stated on a number of author's comments, Roll To Save is an optimistic, feel-good comic. I like to think that people have the capacity for change, even people as rotten as Heather used to be. As unrealistic as that would be, I was quite unsatisfied with how the arc between these three concluded. They now have an opportunity to become real friends again, just like they were before they hit it big.
2020-12-16 00:11:36 
Cool! I get that it’s unrealistic, but if I want reality I’ll real the news. When I read webcomics, I want to see positive outcomes! The characters should work for it, but it’s fabulous that it’s a basically good world. And I’d love to see more of the Shadowrun game! It looks like a fun campaign!
2020-12-16 00:44:22 
Oh my goodness thank you so much for your kind comment! Tailsteak and I take great pride in making the comic a very feel-good kind of comic. I'm really glad you like it and we'll most definitely come back to that Shadowrun campaign! =)