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#203 - The Career Contemplation 2

We finally get to see what Addison does for a living! Also, ooh la la~! if you haven't kept tabs on the Patreon, this next storyline is a combination of two ideas. Typically for those who pledge $5 or higher, get a chance to vote on what happens next! And well, two ideas got tied. Addison contemplating a change in career and Renaissance Fair!
2023-07-09 01:17:59 
Heh the voice on the line sounds verrrrrrrrrrryyyyy sketchy! I really like how vivid these pages are at the very least.
2023-07-09 17:58:50 
Tootally understandable. But rest assured, it's someone Addison knows and trusts... to a degree anyway XD
2023-07-09 16:29:07 
Medieval tournameeeeent!
2023-07-10 14:16:26 
If this goes down the way I think it's going, we may never look at jousting the same way again. XD
2023-07-10 18:16:15 
Waaaaait a minute... I remember that interview with Sal. That plant should not be sufficient censorship!
2023-07-13 10:47:59 
*cough* May have been a small oversight on our part XD
Opus the Poet
2023-07-11 01:19:48 
Now how does that work?
2023-07-13 10:48:32 
Oh you'll see...!