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#204 - The Career Contemplation 3

We arrived at long last at the renaissance fair! This was, of course, the tied voted theme along with Addison contemplating their career I'm very, very excited to show you all how combing the two themes turned out! In the meantime, meet Sunny! I'll be sure to add a bio for her soon but needless to say she and Addison are longtime friends. They're both pretty familiar with each other, hehe~
2023-07-23 20:37:18 
Wow Sunny is really, really hot I gotta say. Also wow what an interesting premise here!
2023-07-26 09:44:25 
Hehe! Glad you like!
Opus the Poet
2023-07-23 21:40:48 
I'm with Zoey, I'm confuzzled.
2023-07-26 09:44:58 
It's a mighty confusing situation at the moment. Thankfully it's going to be explained next update XD
2023-07-24 02:25:34 
This may wind up with someone getting a turkey leg lodged somewhere unmentionable.XD
2023-07-26 09:45:20 
2023-07-26 01:13:35 
Wouldnt be surprised if it hasnt already happened Stig! Def lookin forward to the joust scene. I vote for dildos at the end of the lances.