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#216 - Erotic Expectations 1

We're back! A new year and a new story arc! This was voted on by several of our patrons so we get to find out what this new lucrative job that Mallory has seemed to have snagged. Also, this introduces to a new character, Lamonte's sister Nicholle! Lamonte as you all may or may not remember, typically works at the Oth Koth B'Goth amongst many other places. Apparently she tends to have horrible timing!
2024-01-08 10:53:33 
This is quite a fun scene, and so glad seeing more time for Zoey and Mallory to spend together!
Opus the Poet
2024-01-10 01:02:50 
Darn, foiled by unexpected opposite of tardiness.
2024-01-18 11:23:18 
Truly frustrating XD