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#215 - The Career Contemplation 14

And with that, this concludes our 'Career Contemplation' arc! What a spicy end not just the arc but the year huh? I wanted to thank all of you for reading this humble passion project of a comic. Knowing that there's people out there who enjoy this, has been one of my all=time greatest joys in life. The next arc is actually very closely tied to this one, though quite a number of people voted for it on the Patreon. So we're not quite done yet these characters! However as delightfully spicy as that's going to be, me and Tailsteak will be working to bring a much more tabletop centered storyline to the next arc, since it's been quite a while since we did one of those. Regardless, I hope you've all had a good year and we look forward to releasing more delightful chapters in this delightful comic. Happy Holidays everyone!
2023-12-24 18:40:08 
Happy holidays right back atcha!!
Opus the Poet
2023-12-25 01:06:52 
Looks like Allison and co. slightly rushed things on the way to the dressing room.
Opus the Poet
2023-12-25 01:08:50 
Oh crap, Addison. I'm crap at remembering names, just ask my kids, Kid, Hey You, and my youngest daughter Sam.
2023-12-26 19:50:10 
It was spicy and delightful. Happy Holidays everyone!