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#129 - The Eco Warriors 4

It looks like Max has begun her investigation with a little help from John! Will this tape be able to help Jane or confirm her guilt? There's only one way to find out! ...That is if they don't get caught!
2020-08-23 13:33:44 
Just took a moment to think and this is a brilliant strategic move by Smog Inc. Even if she didn't do it AND they did nothing to frame her (perfectly reasonable for them to offer her up as a likely suspect without seeing the CCTV tape based on events that transpired). If it's on the up and up and she or anyone from the Eco Warriors tries to crash that meeting it could be viewed legally as criminal harassment and intimidation of a victim (specifically the guy whose car was trashed). With that tape it will be hard to prove she didn't do it, though. I think they need some help. Better have the Eco Warriors call up some of the Ninja Force before Hasbro finds out and has ARBCO file a cease and desist order for copyright infringement.
2020-08-24 05:51:50 
Don't you worry, detective Max is on the case! Though shhhh... what Hasbro doesn't know won't hurt'em... or cause us legal troubles... <.< >.>
2020-08-23 18:52:20 
Is Max a genki girl? She has an almost cartoon-like way of simply being in motion and putting on big body poses and expressions, even when she stays in place.
2020-08-24 05:54:05 
Me and Tailsteak actually had a discussion about this and actually, he did consider Max a bit of a genki girl. Trouble is, that character type is usually attributed to school girls and less so to young women in their early to mid twenties. Though overlooking that fact, we both pretty much think she is XD
2020-08-25 10:56:40 
I guess she wouldn't be a genki "girl" but rather a genki "woman" then. ;)