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#130 - The Eco Warriors 5

The villains of this piece show themselves at last! I'm pretty sure most environmentally destructive millionaires dress like that. Also who knew Max had mad sneaking skills? Now just who is this mysterious article writer and can they really help?
2020-09-06 14:55:45 
Max has excellent sneaking skills! She just needed to use those skills she uses to sneak into people's bedrooms in reverse! Looks like someone's getting a slightly more fulfilling job here!
Opus the Poet
2020-09-06 23:21:39 
She's dressed like a super-villain wannabe, maybe because that's what she is. She wants to be a villain on Captain Planet.
2020-09-07 16:11:11 
Some people just wanna pollute the world...
2020-09-07 03:58:58 
I didn't grow up playing or watching Pokemon, so I'm not entirely certain, but is it just me or are those two special guests dressed up like Team Rocket?
2020-09-07 16:10:35 
They're supposed to be generic millionaire villains whom are based on some Captain Planet baddies or 'Eco Terrorists'. I'll be adding them to the cast page soon XD
2020-09-21 20:50:09 
Oh, I see it now! I *did* grow up watching that, and now that I'm thinking about them, they totally look like two certain villains...
2020-09-07 12:24:55 
OOooh I like this cameo. Also oh nice little gambit to smuggle the tape out. But seems like John's gonna be out of a job soon here!
2020-09-07 16:21:27 
Glad you like! And well you know Max, she's good at thinking on her feet! And oof yup, does seem that way for John, darn greedy millionaires!
Joshua Loeb
2020-09-08 11:06:03 
damn, I thought that looked like Dr blight, glad im not crazy.
2020-09-09 12:25:39 
Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder. When I said Smog Inc. had to look like Captain Planet villains because of the name I didn't realize that you'd use it as an opportunity to ship... but I should have.
2020-09-09 15:44:58 
Goes to prove I've been shipping since as far back as I can remember. They seemed like a good fir in my opinion, evil and all XD
2020-09-14 15:54:27 
Yeah, but I'm surprised he got her to sign a prenup.