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#199 - You Are Not Alone 1

This upcoming arc is going to be a tad bit heavy. Kiesha's creator wanted to touch upon a very important subject to her and, seeing as how her OC is now very much a pivotal fourth member of the primarily focused relationship, A special shoutout to Tailsteak who knocked it out of the park with the first three panels., love that initial transition.
2023-05-14 20:14:37 
This is a really intense, well-drawn sequence and I am so glad Kiesha's friends are there!
2023-05-16 21:22:15 
2023-05-15 10:59:42 
I like the door being both closed and open in panel 2.
2023-05-16 21:22:00 
Details like that is all Tailsteak. I love it when he does things like that!
2023-05-16 21:06:52 
...I want to give Kiesha a big big hug. And her creator, too.
2023-05-16 21:21:31 
Me too ;3;
2023-05-17 17:58:55 
The nightmare scream woke up the cat. That is serious.