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#139 - The Final Frontier 6

One thing that I've noticed about some the more recent Trek shows/movies is the lack of diplomacy and and attempts at non-lethal retaliation. Given that it DOES happen, I don't feel as though it happens as often as it used to. As awesome as space fights are, that's not solely what Star Trek is about.
2021-01-11 20:13:07 
Confession: I had to ask my wife about Cardassians for the last strip.
2021-01-11 20:42:40 
D'aw that's totally okay. Cardassians were a guest species at most on TNG and weren't predominant until DS9!
2021-01-12 20:42:44 
LOL "Kardashians." But yeah there's some peril here for sure. I like how this page turned out.
2021-01-22 15:35:18 
Gul Zadas better not mind getting the paint scratched on his big shiny ship...