#138 - The Final Frontier 5

The situation with the Hazard (that will be fleshed out in a supplemental written story on the comic's Patreon) is that its a small, retrofitted but old museum piece that's fairly understaffed. The latter of which Ellen alluded to when she introduced the Hazard's only two medical personnel. I tried to further show this by having Ellen hop on comms and show Chance taking over the tactical station, even though she's mainly an engineer. When you're understaffed, you sometimes have to put on multiple hats to keep things going.
2020-12-27 11:42:04 
The zoom-in on the captain's face is quite a hook. Also, we can't have a proper Starship red alert without the sound effect. "Braaaap! Braaaap! Braaap!"
2020-12-27 14:51:51 
Engage! :D