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#142 - Old Wounds 1

There's a huge distinction between an armed and unnamed security guards. One focuses on observing, reporting and trying to tactfully prevent crime. The other is a lot less subtle and tends to be a lot more in-your-face... and they get equipped with potentially fatal weapons. I feel as though unarmed security forces tend to be more difficult. You're expected to do quite a bit armed with just your wits and a two-way radio.
2021-02-22 19:25:14 
"Starsky and/or Hutch" seems very on-brand for John.
2021-02-23 19:36:31 
(By which I mean "Whoa, easy there,...)
2021-02-26 23:39:43 
Poor pinball machine! Don't those ruffians know they're an endangered species?
2021-02-27 23:07:37 
Seriously! Just harassing it in the wild like that!
dr pepper
2021-02-27 07:02:31 
One difference i've always thought is in a serious robeery scenario. If you're an unarmed security guard and someone wants to take something you're guarding, they know if they just show a weapon you have to let them take it. But if you're armed then they have to consider how fast and competent you are, or at least think you are, so there's a greater chance of things going bad. The question then, is, is the difference in pay worth the risk?
2021-02-27 23:08:01 
I honestly couldn't put it better myself!
2021-03-01 10:38:31 
Armed security guard positions are definitely worth the pay bump, imo, as a former unarmed security guard at a strip mall. The armed guard card opens access for ALOT of new job opportunities as well as a 3-fold base wage increase($12/hr to $40/hr in my case). Most states here in the US require you to have a company sponsor to get the armed card in the first place, and that usually means lots of training to shy away from both liability and insurance claims. The training courses are nearly 3 months and include psych training as well as firearms and non-lethal(tasers mostly) training.
2021-03-01 15:30:01 
Yea, that sounds about right. Ironically enough, I too am a former unarmed security guard (It's what inspired this comic so to speak!) and they pay difference is downright dramatic. As you described, you have to go through a considerable amount of training and certification to get that armed card. I think that's what shaped the focus of the comic to unarmed guards. From my experience they tend to have less to work with and face a considerable amount of responsibility. Something I think folks without that perspective don't realize.
2021-03-01 22:33:59 
Starsky and/or Hutch, LOL. And that sounds very realistic of a tutorial, nice job!