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#122 - A Test of Friendship 2

I think it goes without saying that quite a few of our readers don't exactly like Heather. This is totally understandable, she has been a pretty awful human being for a good amount of her life. But is someone like that passed the point of being forgiven? CAN someone like that be forgiven? Also if you're an NPR nerd like me, you may notice that the candor and appearance of the two mechanics resemble the immortal and hilarious mechanics; Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers!
2020-05-17 22:16:25 
Shadowrun and CarTalk?! Well that takes me back.
2020-05-17 23:00:30 
Speculation Time! Heather takes to Shadowrun RP like a fish to water, because all the suspicion, backstabbing, mercenary mindset, and corporate espionage is just like the higher echelons of the entertainment industry. The mechanics might give her trouble, depending on which edition.
2020-05-18 11:26:19 
I particularly like that the two mechanics even look like Tom and Ray!
2020-05-18 23:25:00 
Yep. I heard the lines in their voices.
2020-05-19 00:49:18 
You have no idea how happy that makes me XD
Opus the Poet
2020-05-18 19:26:08 
There are dice roller apps that save you from having to carry a literal bucket of dice around, There's even a discord app that lets you roll initiative and remembers whose turn it is next. I have a Shadowrun group that meets in Discord because so many of the group had to move away when they got jobs after graduation. I'm the only retiree in the group, the rest are either still taking classes or recent graduates from college.
2020-05-18 21:54:12 
That's awesome! When me and my D&D group played a short lived Shadowrun campaign, we did opt for some roller apps after realizing how many d6's we would need for each person. That being said, narratively speaking, an entire bucket of D6's is much more dramatic than apps XD
2020-05-20 12:34:30 
Roll20 has a 3d dice option
Opus the Poet
2020-05-21 03:23:30 
My current Street Samurai is pretty much maxed out in combat skills and agility because of how many times he has been rebuilt over the ages (he's currently 117 YO because of a curse, he can never stay dead. That has caused many comic moments during the game as he can still die, getting killed hurts like a m*********er, and he loses a bit of sanity every time he dies. He also has a customer loyalty card for Charon's Ferry Service and every ten times he dies he gets a spa day at the Elysian Fields Resort. The current card has 6 stamps, and nobody knows how many cards he has gone through). He's mirror image of Steve Austin the $6 million man because of a grenade that went off in his machine gun nest during a hostile takeover of a company he was working for, one natural arm augmented with extra muscles, one synthetic arm, and everything cybernetic from the waist down (yes, that, too) I currently roll 15 dice for every time I use a blade or firearm up to and including field artillery. I live on a personally-enforced DMZ between 2 gangs, because it's more profitable to leave me alone than deal with me after I get killed and really pissed off, and neither side wants to join up together to kill me because It costs so much manpower (or in this case troll- and orc-power) and I keep coming back and killing the previous gang leaders. This happens about every 10 years when a new gang leader takes over and doesn't believe the stories about the Old Man, even though I make a pretty decent living getting rid of feral hogs and their magical counterparts and cook the carcasses up every winter in a big party for the local kids and hand out plates of barbeque after (last in-game party had about 3 tons of leftovers after the party to distribute to the local families).
2020-05-21 20:44:24 
Hot damn!
Opus the Poet
2020-05-22 05:41:49 
Yes. This game has been running a few years now since one of the original members of the group playing D&D3.5e at the time suicided and we decided to change games after a memorial game. We rerolled our group after a TPK and the GM decided to make my character immortal because of stuff that happened to me IRL. My life story reads like a bad novel...
2020-05-18 21:55:33 
It says something that I knew exactly which game based solely on "hardest to play" and "assload of d6s." Watch those d6s explode, baby!
2020-05-21 16:00:02 
I've always wanted to play a Shadowrun game. None of my friends that rpg play the current edition, and the one who did run an earlier edition seems very reluctant to run that version again. It seems like a setting built around heists, which is something I've wanted to do for an rpg campaign. I'll just have to keep playing my Dwarven Decker in Shadowrun Returns until a friend group wants to run it.
2020-05-21 21:18:54 
If it's any consolation, I'm kind of in the same boat. After a month of running it for my D&D friends, they kind of had enough XD
2020-05-22 19:37:21 
My gaming group all have a love/hate relationship with Shadowrun. We love the setting, love the theme, love the characters, but every interaction we have with the mechanics feels like a chore (used to play SR 3, recently tried SR 5, SR 6 is the one that just came out).
2020-05-22 19:50:12 
Huttk: That's EXACTLY where me and my group are at with the game. It got to the point where near the end of the run, I was focusing on story and characters and less on the combat lol
2020-05-22 18:06:50 
Wow this turned into quite a whimsical update! And hahaha loved the Car Talk reference too.
2020-05-23 21:46:18 
Oh god. The latest edition of Shadowrun is a hot mess. Like, "didn't bother to listen to their play-testers" kind of hot mess.
2020-05-30 17:27:11 
Shadowrun? LMAO Never played Call of Cthulu have you?
2020-05-31 07:41:32 
I'm not THAT brave... XD
2020-05-31 21:46:01 
Have you considered grabbing GURPS and doing Shadowrun-esq with that? Since the game is designed to be so modular, it shouldn't be TOO hard to scratch together something using basic, ultra-tech, magic, maybe action or mysteries, and possibly bio-tech. I still love going through the gamebooks and daydreaming with the things, but 2.x and 3.0 combat and vehicle rules looked like spaghetti code and I just really didn't want to try. I never upgraded to SR 4.0, since the Germans decided to do away with "Deckers" and bring in "Hackers", even though the setting NEEDED the upgrade, since by then everyone had a Pocket Secretary, sorry, smart phone. I haven't even seen a 5.0 book, although I understand Deckers are back.
2020-06-02 21:45:51 
I must admit, I kinda left SR alone once we stopped playing it many moons ago, I believe it was 3rd since we still had Deckers in there. Once me and my friends feel a little more comfortable with human interactions, I think I'll actually pitch the idea of using GURPS. I had no idea that was a thing and it sounds like it could be an actually decent alternative! Either way, I'll have to remind myself to check out 5.0. Here's hoping they made improvements!