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#206 - The Career Contemplation 5

Hi everyone, meet Wendy! She's essentially an encyclopedia of knowledge! She takes her job as an information attendant very seriously! As mentioned in other instances before, I've been dying to introduce her into the comic proper for a long time. I'm stoked that I finally get to!
2023-08-20 21:16:24 
Something about panel three looks familiar. "The next thing you know we're making cardboard armour and running around a public park hitting each other with Nerf bats."
2023-08-20 21:16:45 
2023-08-20 21:48:23 
And of course, the dysentery-free master chef. (Can I have an edit button?)
Opus the Poet
2023-08-21 05:27:59 
You know, I think you're right. Making dishes that don't trigger your pain receptors.
2023-08-21 20:18:28 
You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the very thing you warned a spunky blonde about. This may or may have not been a deep cut LOL ... I will also talk to webmaster about an edit button XD
2023-08-21 23:15:30 
so nice to see ellen and jamie doing what they do best
2023-08-26 23:52:39 
It's always a delight to include them every once in a while! <3
2023-08-21 23:49:15 
This actually looks like quite a fun faire. And love the familiar faces too! And Sunny, mmm Sunny!
Opus the Poet
2023-08-27 02:09:19 
I'm kinda glad that RtS and LS share a universe and characters, It's nice to keep up with old friends in fiction because I can't IRL (if any are still alive it has been almost 60 years since I heard from most of them after leaving 7th grade in 1971.
Opus the Poet
2023-08-27 02:10:42 
Imagine I wrote "over 50 years" instead of "almost 60 years".
2023-08-27 07:41:01 
Not to be critical, but you haven't made any new friends since 1971? Of course, I lost contact with all of the people I knew in primary school when I finished in (eep!) 1971, and then did it again when I left secondary school in 1976. I have some social media contact with a few people that I went to university with, but none of them moved to the same city I did, and although I visited them from time to time, none of the beggars ever came to visit me.