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#192 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 2

If you couldn't tell, I was heavily influenced by Wes Anderson for this page, specifically the movie 'The French Dispatch' which is essentially a love letter to journalism. I may or may not have listened to the opening track 'Obituary' on loop while writing the script. *cough* >.>
2023-02-06 00:51:45 
Awwwww yeah it's Sal! Also a pretty cool group of folks working here at this paper. Love the gritty little details. Nice update!
2023-02-07 02:44:47 
More than 80 years later? This story takes place 2027 or later?
2023-02-07 14:51:22 
More like the magazine was established around 1941 or so.