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#188 - Wrestling The Competition 5

Back during the WWF vs WCW Monday Night Wars, it was downright bedlam between the two promotions. Wrestlers jumping into other promotions, throwing rivaling promotion's title belts into trash cans, announcing rival's match results beforehand, random as all hell monster truck battles... it was a wild time back in the 90s. While I haven't found a documented situation where a wrestler from a rival promotion tries to crash the rival's show, I wouldn't put it past the realm of possibility.
2022-12-12 12:19:10 
Heh so it's like a ring invasion. This isn't going to go over well is it? I like the level of tension shown backstage.
2022-12-12 16:43:21 
Shouldn't the cast list include those 4 from the last panel?
2022-12-12 17:36:05 
I try to reserve the cast list for characters that appear more than a handful of times. That being said, regardless I have some updating to do XD
2022-12-12 18:56:28 
Really, Captain Charisma? Not worried about a trespassing and assault charge, I guess. I figure a stunt like this and the legal fallout would be radioactive to the offending brand, let alone the individual performers’ careers.
Opus the Poet
2022-12-14 02:27:49 
I remember the Goldberg monster truck, which is still running as Max D or Maximum Destruction in Monster Jam, with the same driver who drove Goldberg. Madusa has a truck she still drives over 20 years later.
2022-12-14 04:31:43 
Aha! So it WASN'T a fever dream! XD
2022-12-14 20:26:44 
I want the Cherry Popper to get in the ring. Sure, she's 4'11" and about 95 pounds, but she has mad skills. (Of course, this would make the show Wrestling After Midnight.)
2022-12-15 02:07:43 
Now there's an idea <3
2022-12-15 07:36:40 
Aw, I'm not listed. & looks like gonna have to earn my pay as Security. Someone really should have deactivated CC'S badge after he quit....
2022-12-17 01:18:19 
Oh, oh. With capital a "Oh no" on top.