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#182 - The Birthday Boy 4

Most people tend to grow and learn as they move through life. Sometimes these life experiences can lead us to changing the way we view things. Sometimes a friendship evolves over time as well. This is the first time in a while that Cheryl's had such a close friend such as John and you know what? She's pretty okay with that.
2022-09-18 01:13:34 
Cat time! Oh John's gotta be in heaven! That was a hell of a great surprise by Cheryl. She turned out to be really cool after all.
2022-09-22 15:47:12 
Hehe, while Cheryl isn't the greatest person by any means, particularly as far as her opinions and outlook on certain aspects of life go; I think a change in environment and people around her has helped her mellow out considerably.
2022-12-17 01:03:44 
Awwww, now that's a good birthday :D
2022-12-21 16:28:07 
Not gonna lie, this was a little self-serving XD