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#181 - The Birthday Boy 3

GASP! Self discoveries abound! Looks like Cheryl likes the hug! And John figured out a way for one of his flaws to be useful! Quite a birthday for our favorite smol boy. I ended having so much fun writing this scene, I'll have to follow up on it at some point in the future!
2022-09-05 00:41:42 
Wait, was John fainting around Carol something established in an earlier comic, or is this something new to the last couple pages?
2022-09-05 16:18:21 
It's something new that was only established in this arc. There was never any art involving Carol or John, cannon or otherwise, so I figured this would be an amusing in-universe explanation!
2022-09-08 02:47:07 
Am I confusing something or is Carol saying her own name in the last panel? Also that was a task completed unsuccessfully by John, I guess? :D
2022-09-09 21:01:40 
Eeek! Nice catch, that was an error on my part. The hazards of writing for twins lol - And hey, in this case the unsuccessfulness has led to success! XD
Opus the Poet
2022-09-08 18:02:43 
Does this mean Cheryl is joining John's polycule or just a side thing? I don't really see her meshing well with Sebby or Iris. And dangit spellchecker, Sebby and polycule are both perfectly cromulent words, stop flagging them.
2022-09-09 21:03:12 
We'll find out for sure as the arc gets closer to its conclusion. But I will say this, her meshing with Sebby and Iris is indeed a bit problematic personality-wise.
2022-09-11 18:18:23 
Heh...this was nice and adorably awkward, and hopefully they'll get John to the right spot! That was quite a...solution(?) to this problem.
2022-09-13 02:25:22 
Not sure that driving after a fainting spell is a good idea.