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#166 - Intimate Investigations 2

Sal's interviews have been a perfect way to expand on some of our characters, something me and Mason have enjoyed doing very much during this arc. This is going to be a thorough article indeed!
2022-01-23 21:54:22 
Good to see Max has been undergoing some personal growth! :D
2022-01-26 15:27:20 
Mason and I were pretty happy with that decision. While writing the arc, it kind of came up organically and I leapt at the chance to not just feature Max but show that she's grown since we last left her. After all, life has a habit of shaping our perceptions over time!
2022-01-24 03:47:43 
I love that Max could not be contained within the confines of her original strip! If on the other hand there is ever any prospect of reviving Lily, who was to some extent Max's antithesis, please don't.
2022-01-26 15:42:19 
I started out as a HUGE fan of Leftover Soup so it was almost from the get-go that I arranged for the Roll To Save universe to be adjacent in some way. The main idea was inspired by the one time NBC attempted a huge crossover event between all of its shows back in the 90s. Also, unless we run into a particular amount of inspiration, I think Lily's journey has been tied up nicely. I dabbled with bringing her back with John trying to help her to be less abrasive but Mason beat me to the punch with how LS ended.
2022-01-24 10:47:01 
Good on Max for that progression. I'm very sexual myself, with a drive a lot like hers (pansexual, panromantic, and a service slut), but my nesting partner is gray ace. I wouldn't give her up for anyone She's not sex repulsed, but she only goes along with physical sex to accommodate her partners. (Short version: yes, she can enjoy it when it happens, but she doesn't seek it out.) Since so much of my own enjoyment is give others what they want ... well, not much purpose to the two of us having any sexual activity, is there? When our mutual partner visits, they and I will often head off to one of the local dungeons for the evening(*), leaving our ace partner to a quiet home where she can curl up with the cats and read, perfect for an introvert. We have a good time out where we can be loud without worry about disturbing her. On the way home, we inevitably stop off at a 24 hour bakery we found, bringing home brownies and snacks. It's very much a win/win/win scenario for everyone! (* - Pre-pandemic, of course. Our specifics have altered a bit during this time.)
2022-01-26 16:00:25 
It was really exciting to be able to touch upon. As a fan of Leftover Soup, I was absolutely delighted to get a chance to not only feature Max but also show that she's grown as a person since the events of the comic. One of the major themes of Roll To Save is that love takes many shapes and forms. Thank you so much for telling us about your relationship. As long as everyone's happy and care about each other deeply, connections like that should be celebrated!
Opus the Poet
2022-01-25 19:49:22 
I'm married to an ace person who didn't use to be ace, and it's terribly frustrating, like catching the third wire but you were supposed to be doing a touch (slam) and go and didn't know the hook was down.
2022-01-26 16:10:23 
Love can be quite the fickle thing. Especially these days where one moment we find ourselves living our life, identifying one day... and then the next thing we know, we feel as though that doesn't fit us anymore. I'm sorry to hear it's frustrating but I do hope it's not too rough for you and your partner. Sending you nothing but good vibes!
2022-01-25 20:37:04 
... of course Max would be surrounded by pussy (cats). Lots of character exposition in these pages! Having an interviewer makes for a good plot device to do such!
2022-01-26 16:17:56 
My thoughts exactly! I figured it's been more or less seven years since the comic relaunched with Mason at the helm. It was high time we had a nice in depth check with some of our favorite characters! X3
2022-01-26 16:34:42 
Oh, Max, you are amazing. Also love the way the interviews are proceeding. Sal is a good interviewer!
2022-02-05 21:34:07 
Sal "hates their job of writing nothing but puff pieces about cats" &c with a passion, but they're giving that cat a first-rate belly rub. Nice to see they still love cats.
2022-02-06 15:16:27 
100% - Sal still loves cats, they just want to write about other things too. XD