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#153 - The New Start 2

Welp, looks future Addison is experiencing the ill effects of inhaling half of a restaurant's inventory of shrimp! They'll be fine though, they just rest, relaxation and to never look at another shrimp again for a very long time. It also looks like there's big changes over at GWW! It's unclear if Kiesha's interested in that though she's certainly interested in John!
2021-07-25 00:27:17 
OMG this page is so cute! Also Marita is so friggin' cool, Kiesha is lovely, and John is such a wonderful pal. Love the update. I love shrimp, but not THAT much!
2021-07-25 03:07:49 
I am Validated. Don't. Risk. Shrimp.
Opus the Poet
2021-07-26 01:26:20 
Moderation in all things, including moderation. But you need to be careful of what you pick to skip moderation.
2021-07-26 13:44:44 
Wise, wise, words XD
Opus the Poet
2021-07-29 04:30:35 
I will have been dead 20 years end of next month and 63 years since birth the month after that. I have had sufficient time to learn wise words. I don't always listen to them, but I have learned them.
2021-07-29 21:28:45 
Poor, Poor John. he's getting attention all over the place! And Poor Addison. If she didn't have a shellfish allergy before...
2021-07-30 19:08:50 
For Addison, it's a learning experience because they can get quite carried away sometimes. For John? Ooooh hun, it's not over yet X3
2021-08-01 11:59:10 
Wait, you've got supporters? How can I support? have I missed that y'all have a Patreon, this whole time?
2021-08-01 17:34:01 
It's totally okay, I usually don't toot the Patreon too much cuz it's more of a glorified tip jar than anything but every little bit goes to making the comic! =3