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#145 - Old Wounds 4

Addison's parents are very flashy to say the least both in personality and fashion sense. You can tell they've done this kind of entrance countless times.
2021-04-04 10:25:35 
Seem to be a word out in the last panel.
2021-04-04 15:42:35 
2021-04-04 12:59:46 
Oh these two are amazingly extra, how embarrassing!
2021-04-04 15:43:09 
Yes, they're quite outlandish personalities XD
2021-04-04 16:43:01 
I get the sense that if they had Addison in the present day they'd totally do a gender reveal stunt.
2021-04-04 16:50:51 
Oh yea absolutely. It would be grand, expensive and more than likely inconvenient to passersby lol
Opus the Poet
2021-04-04 17:29:02 
Well someone paid too much attention to Team Rocket, or were they the inspiration for Team Rocket?
Opus the Poet
2021-04-11 01:19:27 
So which one is Jessie and which one is James? Because I don't think it would be the obvious ones.
2021-04-11 06:12:44 
While their appearance and demeanor really resembles Jessie and James, I've written them up to be a little different than either one. In fact, situation-wise, they're much more similar to James' parents from the first season of the anime. They care about their child but for all the wrong reasons. For their personalities, Ophelia used to be quite analytical and downright ruthless but after meeting and eventually marrying Leslie, her attitude became much more similar to her spouse's. Leslie is totally aloof and gravitates away from anything resembling responsibility. If there's a problem, just throw some money at it and leave and don't worry about it!
2021-04-07 10:20:52 
On the one hand, that's one heck of an entrance! On the other...I think I can see how they might become just a bit much to deal with, if you had to live with (and be raised by) them...
2021-04-10 13:46:10 
Tell Mason that the link to this comic from Leftover Soup is broken, it still points to Smackjeeves.
2021-04-11 00:47:25 
Will do! Thank you so much for letting us know!
2021-04-11 03:11:27 
Meowth, that's right!
2021-04-14 11:03:58 
I don't think I have ever seen a more perfect example of rolling a natural 1 on a Spot check. Parking lots are not that easy to sneak up on people in.