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#226 - The Dresden Files 3

Fun Fact: I could not stop squeeing when I wrote this script. If Jamie and Ellen were EVER gonna passively tag-team flirt with anyone, it would be John.
2024-05-26 23:49:32 
This is such a fun update and OMG all the expressions! Fantastic.
2024-05-27 15:49:50 
I am particularly pleased with how it turned out X3
2024-05-28 22:47:38 
I didn't know Ellen's hair was getting longer until she hit us with a cat smile and hair twirl. Hey, isn't this set in metro Toronto, ground zero for the actual Pizza Pizza?
2024-06-09 18:31:41 
Hehe yup! I love it when Tailsteak includes little details like that! Leftover Soup was never given a solid location geographically, but it IS vaguely Canadian. Same thing for Roll To Save... but I like to entertain the concept that both cities are like right on the border.