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#225 - The Dresden Files 2

One of the main connections between Roll To Save and Leftover Soup, aside from Max, is Jamie & Ellen. I was always extremely fond of those two characters and many moons ago, before Roll To Save was taken over by Tailsteak himself. I had gone out of my way to write several fanfictions where Jamie, Ellen and John simply hung out with each other. It eventually morphed into Jamie canonically teaching John how to cook. The part about the hugs? Totally self-serving decision by yours truly because I would give anything to hug those two!
2024-05-12 22:16:41 
Max was the last to arrange the fridge magnets, I take it.
Opus the Poet
2024-05-12 23:13:32 
Or it could just be a reminder to get cherry flavor soda pop.
2024-05-12 23:16:10 
Who knooooows~