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#178 - Spiritual Searching 4

I really like the dynamic between Jane and Roxanne. The two of them come from very different backgrounds but their friendship brings them together. It always makes me quite happy seeing them together and just getting along. Also driving Monique crazy might become Roxanne's new pastime.
2022-07-25 11:17:34 
The turtle story was...actually chilling. But on the whole this update is so, so adorable and I too like the relationship between Jane and Roxanne!
2022-07-25 15:27:43 
Boof, I agree. But it's one of the main reasons JayJay (and Max) are so passionate about their shelter. A passion that I also share because sometimes, people are just not great and animals are caught in the middle. They deserve a chance to be taken care of and happy! Hehe, I'm also happy you like Jane and Roxanne's relationship too! I'm pretty chuffed about the way it turned out!