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#120 - All You Need is Love 5

Many moons ago, RTS was originally going to be focused on one-shots which would have featured a large amount of 'dreamscapes'. They would all be in John's head and would have featured a lot of cameos by fictional and non-fictional figures from history and pop-culture. I figured it would be nice to dive into something like that again! Along with a cute little confirmation at the end.
Opus the Poet
2020-04-19 11:33:33 
Puffy Ami Yumi haven't been a thing in at least a decade. This is a very old dream.
2020-04-19 17:14:44 
Very XD
2020-04-23 21:27:35 
"My daughter's obsessed with someone named Jeffrey Katzenberg," I'm now fascinated by the possible existence of the world of music's geekiest video game, Rock Band Manager.
2020-04-23 21:37:36 
Hehe, don't make me dream now! XD
2020-05-02 15:02:16 
Hey dude, the link from Leftover Soup still goes to the smackjeeves. Might want to update it.
2020-05-02 22:13:07 
Will do! Thanks for letting me know!
2020-09-12 17:18:19