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#112 - A Change of Pace 6

Cheryl's goal is to give John a good idea on what it's going to take to go through police academy. She considers John to be a bit of a friend and she'd rather not see him crash and burn. Though I think the whole handcuffing part was purely self serving...
2019-12-29 22:30:40 
Whoa, John's really putting in work here! I do hope the rigors of the beat do not change his essential sweetness though! It's easy to get into the seductive side of power! Love this update.
2019-12-30 19:49:00 
Thank you so much! We'll just have to see! =3
dr pepper
2019-12-31 17:20:49 
This is symmetrical with how Cheryl became a chef.
2019-12-31 18:15:48 
Good eye, I figured it'd be a nice little callback for our LS readers!
2020-01-10 19:24:17 
At least John knew this was coming.