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#65 - The Incident 6

It's always important to leave no stone unturned. In Iris' case, that means going to every one of John's acquaintances to see if he's there. This was of course, yet another display of shameless cameos. Gina, Nicole, Cheryl and Lily are all from Tailsteak's comic Leftover Soup. What can I say? I'm a pretty big fan!

...Though it's apparent Lily isn't much of a fan of John's...
2020-05-22 22:08:11 
Lily isn't much of a fan of any male, to be honest. Toby has hair now!
2020-05-23 01:03:25 
I'm not gonna lie, as a fan of Leftover Soup I sometimes tend to overindulge on the cameos X3